Link Campaign

Link building is the single most important element to obtaining high rankings in all of the major search engines.

You should aim for between 50 -100 sites for your link campaign. Exchange links with Web sites similar to yours, but not in competition. Many Search Engines are now using a system that tracks and ranks sites according to the number of links pointing to a particular Web site. They see these links as "votes" for your site. By exchanging links with similar Web sites, you will not only increase your Search Engine ranking, but you will also increase your Web site traffic. The best links a Web site can have are natural, one-way inbound links. These are links that are posted by other Web sites, forums or blogs. These show a natural interest in something the linked Web site offers such as valuable information, news, a tool, or some other resource.

A link campaign is extremely time consuming. We would advise "fencing" 15 minutes a week toward this endeavor. The goal is to get other sites to add your site to their links page. As a courtesy you will add a link to their site on your links page. Currently, most of the links on your site are helping them and doing nothing for your site because they haven't linked back to your site.

Start by going through your Chamber of Commerce business listing. You're looking for a site that is in your industry (travel, accommodations, restaurants, etc.) that already has a links page. If they don't have a links page you're wasting your time. This means you have to visit each site to determine if they have a links page.

Send each appropriate site owner a polite one/two paragraph e-mail asking for a link to your site to be added to their site. Something on the order of:

I visited your Web site at <theirURL> and would like to swap links with you. <mysitename> is a romantic guesthouse that is secluded in the landscape for our guest's privacy. Located in one of Fredericksburg Texas' oldest residential neighborhoods, this guesthouse is designed for quiet, private and elegant retreats. Relaxation comes naturally with singing birds, fluttering butterflies in the herb garden along with a private hot tub on a screened porch.

More and more of the major search engines are measuring 'popularity' of each Web site and promoting more popular Web sites to higher ratings. One of the factors looked at to calculate popularity is the number and quality of links into, and out of, a site. By swapping links we can increase the popularity factor of both our sites.


When you exchange links with other web sites, make sure that the link to your site is on a page that lists related links. It's not necessary that the complete other web site is about your topic. It's okay if the other web site has a single category page that deals with the topic of your web site. The link to your web site should be listed on that page then.

The more pages of the other site are about your topic, the better. Make sure that the link to your site is in a good neighborhood and the other links are related to yours.
When you get a couple of folks to respond, send us their URLs (addresses) and we'll add them to your links page. Then move on to say, a Chamber of Commerce site on the other side of the state. Since the sites there are not in direct competition with ya'll, they should be willing to link to your site.

Good luck.
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