Separate Services

Spam Stopper - $10

Spam Stopper prevents spammers from mining e-mail addresses from your Web pages. It accomplishes this by converting the mailto hyperlinks contained within a page to JavaScript code that writes HTML to the page at client time.

E-mail address mining software extracts a Web page from the Internet, then searches for mailto links (which means it's an active e-mail address). With Spam Stopper, the e-mail links are converted to JavaScript elements; therefore the mining software cannot locate your e-mail address, though the page looks the same to the viewer.

In other words, address gathering spam companies have automatic programs that search the Internet looking for e-mail addresses on Web sites. They then add those addresses to their spam database and your inbox starts getting inundated.
Let us convert your site and you'll begin to take back your inbox!

Market Search Reports - $50

The initial market search report is FREE. Each follow-up report will cost $50.00. The follow-up report contains a detailed report about keywords used in the search, which pages of your Web site were found, and their position. You will also receive a trend report detailing the movement of your site's pages with reference to the previous market search. Between these two valuable reports you will be able to make educated business decisions about your Web site's standings on the World Wide Web.

Site Submission - $25

Registration with search engines and directories. You'll also get a Submission Report with your site details, and a list of all search engines and directories your site was submitted to with a hyperlink to each resource's home page.

Page Critic Report - $50

This report supplies custom-tailored advice on how to optimize each of your new or existing Web pages for the top search engines. The report is formatted based on each search engine's unique personality and how to build TOP ranking pages for each without "spamming" or abusing the index. The Critic Report will give plain-English advice on how many keywords to use in each area, what tags to use or not use, and much more.

Search Engine Ranking Report - $50

Lets you know what position your site is in and where your URL ranks with the top search engines. Overview of your search positions by keyword and Search engine. Summary Report showing what ALL your listings look like on each search engine. Make sure they look good so you may get the best response. See exactly what is positioned above and below your site. Analyze these pages to see what you could do to better your competition.